What We Do

ETRS works closely with clients to advise on critical business issues, resolve problems and drive projects and transactions forward. We are creative, task focussed and good with the detail.

Working independently or as part of a business or project team, the role of ETRS can range from research and analysis to hands-on transaction support. ETRS will investigate, design and then implement strategies for effective development of an energy business.

In this fast changing world, ETRS keeps up to date with regulatory developments and approaches specific issues within the framework of its wider knowledge of the energy environment. Following the short term drop in both prices and demand during the pandemic, the market has bounced back with prices propelled to extraordinarily high levels prompting a massive increase in developments and investment in generation assets. This is accompanied by unprecedented demand for grid access with investments in transmission and distribution infrastructure struggling to keep up as the industry strives to meet the commitments underlying the energy transition. The regulator Ofgem is getting ever more interventionist and there is no let-up in the pace of regulatory change across the sector. April 2022 saw the launch of the Government's Energy Security Strategy, closely followed by its Review of Electricity Market Arrangements. This promises to be the fourth major reform of electricity market since privatisation in the late 1980s with significant implications for all market participants.

Please contact us for views and advice on these or other issues.